Don't chase change. Initiate improvement.

With rare exceptions, most of the miracles of humankind are long-term, constructed things.

Progress comes bit by bit.

Bill Gates

Diane Dromgold, the Managing Director of RNC Global, recently said: "We've been doing change management now since the 1980s and, frankly, it doesn't work."
And it doesn't stick. In fact, the only ones who really like change are babies.
At LevelUp we're driven by the pursuit of improvement, not change. We achieve this  by measured progress, working as Bill Gates says: "bit by bit". One level at a time.
Because change is the consequence of improvement. Not the other way around.
Unlike many training and development providers, we have no interest in merely sidetracking your people - whether they are your leadership, management or primary teams - with superficially motivational, pump-me-up training programs.
You know the ones. They're filled with catchy phrases
like "awaken the potential of your true potential" and
"experience the magic of the extraordinary inside you".
That's not us. Starting with the understanding and strategies delivered by the Everything DiSC personality and behavior profiling system, we improve people's performance by improving their ...
* Understanding of how and why they think and behave as they do
* Ability use the strength of their personality more effectively

* Appreciation and respect for how others think and behave

* Leadership built on the needs and aspirations of those they lead

* Skill to engage positively with others during conflict, for productive outcomes

* Capacity to make better decisions more often, even under stress

* Focus on next-LevelUp priorities and actions to achieve more each day

Change is the result of improvement, not the other way around.