The Everything DiSC difference

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Research validated yet easily accessible.
While an uncompromising focus on research and validity ensures that the feedback and insight are as accurate and reliable as possible, the Everything DiSC assessment is written for a general audience in the first person, using neutral language


Advanced testing methodology.
Most publishers of DISC Model products use the same 24 item, four words per item, forced choice questionnaire that was developed in the 1960’s and is now quite outdated. 

Everything DiSC uses Adaptive Testing (AT), a computer-based methodology that successively selects and presents questions based on the response to previous questions. This increases the precision of the assessment instrument, making a person’s Everything DiSC profile 32% more accurate than an old-style DiSC Classic profile.

A focus on the complete learning process.
The Everything DiSC suite is extremely

versatile, meaning participants’ results

can be shown across different

applications without retaking the

questionnaire. Providing not just

an in-depth assessment and

profile instrument, but many

follow-up tools that take learners

even deeper into understanding

themselves and others.

Ongoing research highlights old-model flaws.
Most other DISC providers continue to use two or three graphs,

claiming that the first and second graphs measure adaptive and

natural behavior. This is a myth.

The British Psychological Society's validation study on the 24-item DISC questionnaire  concluded that they were measuring nothing more than different views of the same thing. Meaning most current DISC providers are working with outdated and unsupported facts.

Fast and efficient profile administration.
We have direct access to a highly-advanced online profiling management system that allows us to easily manage participant reports, generate comparisons, map teams profiles and deliver group reports.

Knowledge, experience and support.
We work solely with Intégro, whose knowledge and experience of DiSC for over 30 years has been improving workplaces across Australia, from sole operators to some of Australia’s largest corporations. They have also actively participated in the research and development of the Everything DiSC’s range of products.
Whether you want to dig deeper into DiSC or build better working relationships through Profile Comparison Reports, MyEverythingDiSC provides powerful,

personalized tools and resources.

With MyEverythingDiSC, you can:

  • Access your profile anytime on any device

  • Compare your DiSC style with colleagues to explore similarities and differences

  • Learn how your DiSC style impacts workplace relationships and productivity

  • Deepen your understanding of the theory and research behind Everything DiSC