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Everything DiSC®  is a research-validated, psychometric personality assessment that measures an individual’s behavioural style. That's how the experts choose to express it but that's all a bit thick in jargon, isn't it?


DiSC is a simple and memorable acronym for the four primary styles of behaviour:




D = Dominance

i = Influence

S = Steadiness

C = Conscientiousness

Its power and potential is found in how quickly it will help you better understand yourself and others, so that you can build more effective relationships. Primarily, you'll gain an understanding of their different and specific needs, priorities and communication styles.

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This enhanced understanding speeds connection with new acquaintances, increases energy and engagement, provides a common language for conflict resolution and improves individual and team productivity.

While we're all strong in one or two styles, unlike other personality tests there is no such thing as a perfect or ideal DiSC profile. Everything DiSC® is easy to learn and immediately apply effectively in any environment - work, home or social and makes a dynamic recruiting tool

The Everything DiSC program suite
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The foundation of the Everything DiSC suite, delivering your profile in a clear and simple graphic style.


Taking 360 Leadership a LevelUp with three specifically relevant strategies

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Know your team better to communicate more effectively and increase connection

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Build a sales team who understand the styles and preferences of their customers


Purpose-designed to turn personal and workplace conflicts into productive outcomes